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Did you know that your blinds and shades act as filters on your windows, catching all kinds of contaminants like road grime, dust, mold spores and smoke? So not only do they absorb outside contaminants, but also acts as a sponge for inside pollutants such as cooking orders and grease, nicotine and bacteria from colds and flu viruses.

A large percentage of allergies are directly related to dust. Our cleaning technology removes dirt, mold, grime and grease that contain harmful bacteria, so you are able to provide a healthier environment for your family or employees. 

Also, don't spoil the look of your home or business with dirty blinds. It is only a fraction of the replacement costs spent cleaning them to bring back that great look it used to be. 

These are the most common types of window treatments we specialized in:

Silhouette® Shade Cleaning
Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shade Cleaning
Mini Blind Cleaning
Mini blind cleaning
Roller Shade Cleaning 
Roller shade cleaning in San Mateo
Custom Drapery Cleaning
Custom Drapery cleaners in Burlingame Hillsborough San Mateo Bay Area
Swags & Rosettes Cleaning
Custome window treatment cleaning : Swags and Rosettes
Luminette® Shade Cleaning
Luminette Shade Cleaning
Vinyl Blind Cleaning
Vinyl blind cleaning in San Francisco bay area
Duette Shade Cleaning
Hunter Douglas Duette Shade Cleaning
Vertical Blind Cleaning
Fabric Vertical blind cleaners
Swags & Cascade Cleaning
Custome window treatment cleaning : swags and cascade cleaning
Pirouette® Shade Cleaning
Hunter Douglas Pirouette shade cleaning
Pleated Shades Cleaning
Pleated shades cleaner in Burlingame
Vignette Roman Shade
Hunter Douglas Vignette and Roman Shade Cleaners
Balloon Valance Cleaning
Custome Valance cleaners
Pole Swag Cleaning
Cornice Board Cleaning
Custome window covering cleaning : cornice board cleaners
Box Pleat Valance Cleaning
Custome window treatment cleaning : box pleat valance cleaners
Custome window treatment cleaning : Pole swag cleaning
Woven Woods Cleaning
Custome window covering cleaning : woven woods cleaning
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