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At SF Blind Cleaners, we provide professional ultrasonic and wet/dry cleaning for any type of window treatments including Hunter Douglas and other premier brand products.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shade Cleaning
Luminette Shade Cleaning
Silhouette® Shade Cleaning
Luminette® Shade Cleaning
Mini blind cleaning
Vinyl blind cleaning in San Francisco bay area
Hunter Douglas Pirouette shade cleaning
Pirouette® Shade Cleaning
Fabric Vertical blind cleaners
Honeycomb® Shade Cleaning
Faux Wood Blind Cleaning
Roller shade cleaning in San Mateo
Pleated shades cleaner in Burlingame
Miniblind Cleaning
Vertical Blind Cleaning
Hunter Douglas Vignette and Roman Shade Cleaners
Custom Drapery cleaners in Burlingame Hillsborough San Mateo Bay Area
Vinyl Blind Cleaning
Custome window treatment cleaning : swags and cascade cleaning
Roller Shade Cleaning
Custome window covering cleaning : woven woods cleaning
Pleated Shade Cleaning
Custome window treatment cleaning : Pole swag cleaning



Vignete Roman Shade 
Custom Drapery Cleaning
Swags & Cascade Cleaning
Woven woods Cleaning
Pole Swag Cleaning



Did you know that your blinds and shades act as filters on your windows, catching all kinds of contaminants like road grime, dust, mold spores and smoke? So not only they do absorb outside contaminants, but also acts as a sponge for inside pollutants such as cooking orders and grease, nicotine and bacteria from colds and flu viruses.
A large percentage of allergies are directly related to dust. Our cleaning technology removes dirt, mold, grime and grease that contain harmful bacteria, so you are able to provide a healthier environment for your family or employees. 
Also, don't spoil the look of your home or business with dirty blinds. It is only a fraction of the replacement costs spent cleaning them to bring back that great look it used to be. 

These are the most common types of window treatments we specialized in. Our certified fabric care specialists are preferred and recommended by Hunter Douglas and they are proficient in using both "Injection Extraction" and "Ultrasonic" blind cleaning methods.    



Ultrasonic cleaning technology uses sound waves to lift contaminants, removing dirt, dust, soot, nicotine, pollen, and other allergens. Blinds are submerged in a bath with a gentle, biodegradable detergent and degreaser, where millions of microscopic bubbles implode across every surface and crevice for a complete cleaning without the risk of scratches, pits, or damage. It's this complete cleaning, including inside the headrail and control mechanisms, which can extend the life of your blinds.

Our staff is specially trained to clean all leading manufacture blinds, including Hunter Douglas®, Comfortex®, Graber®,Levolor®  Bali® and more.








We provide Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning for

residential and commercial clients.

Make Your Blinds Look New Again!


The injection-extraction cleaning method, which is the method Hunter Douglas suggests, is considered to be the most effective. It injects a solution into the fabric and extracts the dirty solution in the same motion. The Injection Extraction cleaning method is the best way to deep clean your fabric or room darkening window treatments. 

Our Certified Fabricare Specialists (CFS) gently, safely and effectively DRY&WET clean your fabric window treatments.We “Guarantee NO SHRINKAGE and NO DAMAGE”.

ECO FRIENDLYWe are committed to the environment:
 -  We use environmentally friendly solutions and
      products in cleaning delicate fabrics
  -  No use of harmful toxic chemicals
  -  Safe for you and your family
  -  Safe for the environment

  -  Only non-toxic substances such as water, 

      biodegradable soap and steam are used


Blinds and Shades look cleaner, last longer,feel softer, look brighter and smell fresher



It is the most economical service available for our customers that prefer to take down their blinds themselves and rehang them once the service is complete.  Although most of the window coverings can be easily removed and installed back, some of the delicate ones requires proper handling either by following manufacturer's guideline or getting professional help in order prevent damages that may be irreparable.   




It is the most popular service intended to customers who prefer the convenience of having their window treatments removed and rehanged professionally before and after the blind cleaning process.

A technician removes your blinds/shades and returns to install them after they have been cleaned in our state-of-the-art facility equipped with proper lighting fixtures and blind hanging installments that would insure the maximum quality in cleaning of your window treatments.


On-Site cleaning service is the service that performed at your residence or business for the convenience of keeping the privacy of you or your clients, since the cleaning process completes normally within a day. It is the premium service that accommodates your convenience. This method can be beneficial for some commercial institutions such as Hotels and Guest Houses.


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