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* Currently we offer free pickup and delivery service in selected areas.

Please check with us for more details. 


For your convenience we offer following types of cleaning services:   


It is the most economical service available for our customers that prefer to take down their blinds themselves and rehang them once the service is complete.  Although most of the window coverings can be easily removed and installed back, some of the delicate ones requires proper handling either by following manufacturer's guideline or getting professional help in order prevent damages that may be irreparable.   




It is the most popular service intended to customers who prefer the convenience of having their window treatments removed and rehanged professionally before and after the blind cleaning process.

A technician removes your blinds/shades and returns to install them after they have been cleaned in our state-of-the-art facility equipped with proper lighting fixtures and blind hanging installments that would insure the maximum quality in cleaning of your window treatments.


On-Site cleaning service is the service that performed at your residence or business for the convenience of keeping the privacy of you or your clients, since the cleaning process completes normally within a day. It is the premium service that accommodates your convenience. This method can be beneficial for some commercial institutions such as Hotels and Guest Houses.



We are committed to quality blind cleaning service in San Francisco Bay Area, by accommodating minor adjustments and repairs free of charge. All other types of blind and shade repairs can be performed by us subject to cost consideration and parts availability.

It is recommended that you check with your blind's manufacturer first for all parts required for the repair. Some manufacturers will supply complementary replacement parts directly to their consumers.   

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